More thoughts on Risus

I have been thinking of shaking off the dust on my old GMing personae lately and my mind keeps coming back to Risus. I have been in a love/hate relationship with rules-lite game systems, struggling to find one I really liked and could use in a long term campaign. It has been a rough road, starting way back with The Window about seven years ago now. I floated between game systems, fluctuating between D&D 3.0~3.5, Savage Worlds, Cold City, and most recently my interests have landed on a system called Risus.

This rules-lite system has been designed primarily as a tool towards comedic gaming, but people swear they have used it for serious, even gritty, games. Which gives me hope that it can be used for my campaign. I have found a few websites which give pointers on how to run a serious game using Risus:

Serious Risus


I hope to continue to develop this idea into an ongoing campaign, a weird twist of colonial period fantasy.


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