I received orders a few weeks ago to report for training at Ft Riley in preparation for a deployment later this fall to Iraq. It is set in stone now, nothing can be done, and I am heading over there. In some ways, a weight has finally been lifted off me, this period in the Army where you sit around knowing orders are coming and not knowing what, when or where…I find it all very taxing. Now I know where I am going. Sure, it is Iraq, so I approach that with a large amount of dread, even though I am in the Army, we don’t really know what is going on over there any more than the average bloke on the street. I will soon find out though, and with almost 3 months of training before I deploy, I am sure I will be learning allot. My first official task: learning what they call Tactical Iraqi, something I am seriously not looking forward to at all.

First things first, I have to clear the base I am living on now, take a bit of leave, and spend time with the family.


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