Complex Contests in WoF+

Complex Contests are time consuming tasks that require periodic Simple Contests to determine if the character is successful in their attempted action. Examples would be building a house, open heart surgery, or writing a computer program. The GM will determine the time that passes between each periodic check using common sense depending upon the complexity of the task and can range from a minute, an hour, or even once a day. The GM will then use the Complex Difficulty Chart to determine the Difficulty for the Contest. The player will roll his Attribute or Focus and is successful if they roll equal to or higher than the first number. When the time has passed for the next periodic check, he rolls again; if he fails he must start over from scratch, if he is successful he adds that die roll to the previous die roll total. The periodic checks continue until the overall total of the rolls is equal to or higher than the second number for that Difficulty rating.

Complex Difficulty Chart
5/20 – Average
10/40 – Tough
15/60 – Demanding
20/80 – Challenging
25/100 – Formidable


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