Stress Dice and ‘consequences’

In some cases when a character has received more Stress Dice than the character’s Attribute, the GM may determine that the character has gained a new Aspect related to the situation. In all cases, the GM should be careful to ensure that new Aspect applies to the situation in which it was received and that the new Aspect adds something to the game.

Example: Wilbur is struggling to survive during a vicious storm as his boat is tossed about on the waves. As the storm grows stronger the GM calls for a Mental Contest as the stress and doubt clouds his willpower. Wilbur rolls fails and the GM’s roll earns numerous Whammies, eclipsing his Mental score. The GM determines that Wilbur receives a new Aspect, “Terrified of boats on the open seas” as a result.

Likewise, per the GMs judgment, if a player rolls exceedingly well against a more negative Aspect the GM may give the player the option of removing that Aspect as the character has learned to overcome the problem associated with it.


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