Book review: Emerald Hell (Hellboy novel)

First let me say this first, this is NOT a graphic novel, this is a novel, so don’t be expecting to get this and see tons of Hellboy art. For more information: Emerald Hell at

This book was a very good read, the characters are fully realized, interesting, and a great introduction to the weird world we call the South. At times, I almost felt that Hellboy was a secondary character as the book delves deeply into the curse that sets up the entire book and takes a hard look at humans and what it means to be human. Paints a creative and scary swampy South (reminds me a bit of the Delta Green stuff) that would be awesome for a RPG campaign. The story is essentially an easy one with Hellboy heading down south to help find a pregnant woman in trouble as a great and dark evil is searching for her. I loved the insight into the Preacher as he fights with inner demons and bounces between light and dark, the take on how the angels still spoke to him and that God had not abandoned him though he walked a dark path was interesting.

Over all, I highly recommend this book. Allot of people will be turned off because of the ‘comic book’ Hellboy and pass this off as some silly kid thing, they shouldn’t. This book is very good and has some serious adult issues in it. I was going to pass this to my 12 year old nephew, but I think he will need another year or two to even grasp some of the deeper ideas in this book and be ready for some of the violence and issues in it.


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