Indiana Jones, omg wtf?!?!

I was able to catch the latest Indy movie tonight and I cannot believe the crap I watched. I do not know what Spielberg or Ford saw in this film. As the movie went on I found myself continually saying “OMG WTF was that I just saw?” Who approved this film, such pointless, mindless drivel like this is the crap we might see out of some third world nation…no wait, that is probably better than this film.

Indy survives a nuclear blast in a refrigerator…..a REFRIGERATOR!!!

Shia performing as Tarzan and, accompanied by freaking monkeys (that then help the good guys!) swinging through the jungle and able to catch the speeding car chase!

They drive a car sort of thing off a many hundred feet tall cliff, land on a massive tree which bends softly and gently drops them in the river…..they then subsequently survive two more large waterfalls.

Aliens show up……………ALIENS!

An alien created portal to another dimension shows up and sucks all the villains away.

An alien spaceship appears!!

Holy mother of God, what the hell happened to Spielberg? He loose his mind completely? Someone true should be shot for even thinking this terrible terrible movie up. Save yourself, do not go see it, do not go rent it, and for God’s sake do not purchase this thing, it will only encourage them to make more of this shit. All three of the primary people involved should be embarrassed if for one second…no one millisecond, they thought this was good film making.

I should have known we were in trouble when my wife walked in late and asked if they were filming a movie. I didn’t understand, so she explained that it appeared they were filming a parody of Indy ‘inside’ the movie, sort of like they did in “Chicken Little.” That’s how ridiculous and stupid it was from the get go.

For a full write up form numerous people, including full spoilers, see:


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