Ok, so my nephews are staying with me for a week, and they are getting old enough for me to show them a little RPGs. The oldest is allot more like me than the younger one, creative, imaginative, and curious. Plus he likes to read allot, and kids books these days are all magic and fantasy, so I figured this is the chance. πŸ™‚

So I went to the local game store and asked for a recommendation on something to sort of break the ice, without saying “Let’s play D&D!” and freaking out their mom and dad, both who probably think D&D is the devil’s work. They said how about Munchkin!


Game Link

It has been just about a week since I bought the game and we have now had three seriously long and entertaining games. Even my 8 year old daughter has gotten into it and just loves to throw down a “Mate” or “+10 Monster Card” on someone that backstabbed her earlier. All the kids beg to play another game, I am trying to take it slowly so their desire to play does not burn out quickly, but today they dragged me back to the game store where I picked up Munchkin Cthulhu and the first add-on set. We got back to late tonight to try it out, but they are all setting their alarms to get up early to have a stab at it before the day gets too far gone. Heck, my wife (who seriously detests everything RPG) has even played in two of the games!

Overall I have to say that Munchkin has really shown me a great time and served as a great way to introduce the kids to “gaming fun” and to the ideas and concepts in RPGs. I would seriously recommend these games for a grand time with a card game, to help get the family back to the game table, or for just a change of pace.


3 thoughts on “Munchkin

  1. I’ve been thinking about this more and more; what is it about Munchkin that makes it disarming enough to be enjoyed by non-RPG fans? It’s certainly simple (that’s not meant as a bad comment) and the graphics are easily to get along, but it’s based on a pun on a well known and very popular RPG – so it should be a real niche game: I can’t imagine “scary movie” being an interesting film for people who have never seen a horror/scare film after all??

    Anyway, good post and I’ll have to try this game out with my nephews and nieces (i’ve no kiddies myself thank god!), i’d never even thought of this game as an antidote to hundreds of sessions of draughts and monopoly games which aren’t as exciting after the second game πŸ™‚

    Doubt my Review of Munchkin (the card game) is of much use but it may be worth a read.

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