My nephew Jarod wanted me to post

My nephew Jarod wanted me to write something so he could see how I wrote messages on this blog. So here it is. Jarod has sweaty feet, his hair is too long (he looks like a hippie), he really likes Munchkin and Hellboy (which is cool since so do I), and he is a really good ice skater. He still has long hair though.

He wrote the following:

Hi I am Jarod and I am really cool. I DO NOT LOOK LIKE A HIPPIE!!! My hair is not THAT long. I think that Munchkin is the best game EVER!!! I love to make an alliance and then stab my friends right in the back (SO FUN) I believe that my cat should be a celebrity. She is so cool (her name is Willow) and she is so cute. I love the St. Louis Cardinals! Well that is it. So remember!!! I DO NOT LOOK OR ACT LIKE A HIPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jarod has a great cat named Willow, here is her picture.


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