Fort Riley!

Well, I made it safe and sound to Ft Riley, going through the motions and in processing right now which should last about two weeks, then we move on to the real training and playing soldier and all that. Looks like conditions here will be allot better than I anticipated they would be. I really expected to get here and live in a tent with no air and crawl through the mud all day long learning to be a killer…well, not like that at all, least not yet anyway.

As you can see they have a computer lap here where we can access the net for whatever and I can have my cell phone…think I already talked to the girls three or four times since I got here. So, so far, not too bad at all. Also, we get 2 four day weekends during the training and are allowed to take leave and go home, so better beleive I will be taking that oppurtunity as well. Should get around 5 days at the end when we can go home as well right before we deploy. So, not nearly as bad as I thought this training was going to be. Will keep you all up to date as I learn more.

Also, got to see the new Batman movie Saturday before I left, will be posting a review as soon as I get a chance to sit here for longer than 10 minutes…, coming soon!


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