Review: Batman

I managed to see “The Dark Knight” the night before I left, wife was nice enough to suffer through another silly summer action flick.

First off, Nolan did an awesome job directing, the movie looked great, the actors were perfect and overall the movie was entertaining.

Now, I had some problems with the film, the biggest being that it was simply too much, there were entire portions of the film that could have been stripped out and you would still have had a decent movie. For example, the entire story line of Harvey Dent becoming Two-Face, I think this was entirely un-needed and served no purpose other than to lengthen the film by probably 30 to 45 minutes. Cutting it out would have presented a quicker paced film with a stronger, single story line. Additionally, I thought the underlying current of the film, “Are humans animals/Is Batman an evil Person” was almost too shoved in our face. The sequence with the ferries, Joker, and whether or not people would kill hundreds of others to save themselves was absolutely riveting and and could have served as the climax of the film, however, the film dragged on for about another 20~25 minutes, sort of downgrading the effect of the Joker climax. That said, I WISH Batman had turned out to be ‘human’, after all the carnage and destruction I felt that Joker should have died. How cool would it have been for Joker to be rambling on and on about how he knew Batman wouldn’t kill him (blah blah blah) and Batman say some cool line and cut the line, causing Joker to plummet to his death. Would have really strengthened the ending and added a dramatic punch to it, course DC Comics probably would have said that was a no-go.

Now, reading all that you probably have decided I didn’t like the movie. Incorrect. I thought it was very well done and excellent movie, but it just need a little trimming and thinning out. My wife wondered if they were reluctant to remove some of Joker’s scenes after Ledger died…sort of wrong to remove his acting from his last film ever. And on that note, Ledger did a great job, but honestly I didn’t see anything Oscar deserving, nothing really we have not seen elsewhere before. Don’t get me wrong, he did a great job and all, I was expecting to be blown away, like I was when Jack was the Joker, this time (maybe it is just I am older and not so in love with the films anymore) I just didn’t feel ‘wowwed’ by his performance.

I would give the film a 4 out of 5 and recommend it, just be perpared for a 2.5 hour ride.


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