home…for the weekend

Got a break from training and was allowed to head home if I wanted. Caught a flight, spent 4 hours stuck at the Salina Kansas airport (wow, what a boring place!) and finally made it home around 2am Thursday morning thanks to the wife driving through a horrible thunderstorm to rescue me from the locked down Denver airport.

Fixed the computer (extreme dust caused the CPU fan to stop spinning and the pc would shut down mere minutes after booting up to save the CPU), fixed the mower (clogged fuel filter…thanks for the help Viney!) got my old phone working (replaced the phone that went through the washed at training and decided it wanted to go to heaven…piece of crap!) and mowed the jungle we called a back yard. All in all, pretty good visit so far. 😉

Here’s a pic of my yard, not looking too bad considering two months ago is was a patch of dirt with weeds everywhere.

Practiced my Arabic today, just a little bit, thought I would share with you:
Good morning = marHaba
Welcome (sort of another greeting) = ahlan wa sahlan
how are you = shlonek
I am fine, thank you = anee zayn, shukran
pleased to meet you = tasharafna
what is your name = shismek
my name is matt = ismee matt (yes it is pronounced “is me” just like it’s me!)
whats up = shakoo makoo
yes = na’am
no = laa

Next mission, fix up my old laptop to take to training with me so I can have email and chat with the family, surf the net and play games and generally try to keep from being so bored I go out of my mind….


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