and now for a reality check

If we can all catch our breath and clear our ears of the obvious ass kissing of Bob Costas, I would like to take a moment and comment on the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic games. Sure, it was amazing, looked great, used technology we have not seen on that scale before. But wow, you would have thought the Chinese were direct descendants from God the way the announcers talked. How the ideas of unity and harmony with nature are so important to the people there….hmmm, are they not the most polluting nation on the planet? I think so. Didn’t they destroy numerous irreplaceable archaeological sites, uproot thousands of people, and flood valley after valley when they built the Three-Gorges Damn? Are they not one of the largest targets for human rights abuses in the world?

Anyway, just makes me laugh how the announcers on NBC last night were tripping over themselves to say how great and amazing China is. Now don’t get me wrong, they have an amazing culture and history.

Give me a break. I wonder how many times the Chinese Army attempted to hack in the Pentagon’s main frame systems during the opening ceremony?


One thought on “and now for a reality check

  1. interesting what they chose to show us in their history
    thank goodness we weren’t subjected to Mao propaganda
    i put him next to Stalin – millions of people died because of him
    until the Chinese come clean with their past shameful history i am not convinced they are to be trusted in terms of human rights and freedom of expression.
    mind you
    this applies to all countries and the atrocities we have all been a part of.

    hypocrisy is very prevalent with all those ridiculous world leaders and politicians!

    mind you it’s not surprising – who in their right minds would want to be a politician – they all loose touch with reality some sooner than later – power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely! no idea who said this and i sue it all the time – we excelle in this trait in Africa – the old sods just wont step down!
    thank goodness homo sapiens eventually kicks the preverbial bucket!

    all the best

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