Call me stupid

Ok, so I like allot of styles of music, but I got to confess sometimes I really like shitty music. So there I was driving back to Ft Riley and this song comes on and I just fell in love with it, stupid as the song is. “When I grow up” by the Pussycat Dolls (who cannot love that name?), silly, pointless, maybe even dumb, but it has a hard driving beat that is great to drive to while zooming down the interstate at 85mph….and heck, the girls are freaking smokin! And just for the record, I think they say “I wanna have boobies” at the end of the chorus, but that may just be my testosterone speaking.

Case in point:

Ok, so now that I got that out my system, now on to better music. A friend of mine is a jazz/blues musician around the Atlanta area (if I remember correctly). Now, jazz/blues are not normally my style, but I checked out some stuff he has uploaded on his site and I gotta say, the guy has talent!  Check out his stuff at I especially like the songs Poison in my Blood and Hard Working Man. Good stuff Brennen! A big thanks to him for providing me with some excellent songs to offset my poor music choices (see above).


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