Started writing again

I have an idea. I have lots of ideas. I wanted to start running another game, but given my current situation and the soon-to-come drastic change in timezones, starting something now would be silly so I started looking for an alternative means of creative release. The solution? Writing! (duh)

My idea is a world gone to hell. I was reading about that Large Hadron Collider (see earlier post) and specifically the part where people think it could create a mini-blackhole, and of course we do not really know what a black hole is, we just have theories. So what if instead, the LHC tore a hole in our world, resulting in a portal or other places, dark place man was never meant to go?

Now I love Cthulhu as well (see the writing of H.P. Lovecraft), smart writing with a twist of “what the hell was that guy on when he wrote this???” So it came to me, what if the LHC let the Old Ones back into our world en masse? Now, that would suck.

So the idea is this:
The Old Ones (not specifically Lovecraft’s Old Ones, but something in that order) have returned and had a little fun, destroyed the world as we know it. Now the remnants of our society are struggling along trying to survive in a world devastated and torn asunder. Pockets of people survive in small communities here and there, with warriors patrolling the few towns and trade routes, protecting the people from the beasts of shadow that wander about in the darkness looking for their next meal. Rumors tell of warrior-priests who follow a strong religious sect and ascribe to the day that God will return and save the faithful. Others talk of those who have taken communion with the monsters that prowl the darkness, granting them powers over the monsters and abilities that normal people should not possess. Out story will start with Tarina, a sort of warrior-priestess and her adventures. My concept is a serial novel sort of thing, like Steven King did a few years ago with the Green Mile, release a new chapter every so often as ideas come to me, continuing the story over time.


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