A Rollover!

Yep, today we training on the Hummer Rollover trainer (HEAT or something). It was interesting, especially when you drop on your head and have to figure out how to get your ass out of an upside down Hummer with all this crazy gear on and in the tight confines of the inside of a fully loaded Hummer. I must admit, for a second or two, I was trapped upside down, feet in the air, head twisted against the radio, and I started to freak until I remembered the training (AHA!) and found the door handle and was able to squeeze my ass out of the door. Big fun! Just hope you don’t have to do it in real life. 😉

Here is me in all my gear (damn stuff weighs about 50 pounds!),
looking like a mean killin’ machine!

Here is the trainer in action with four poor saps stuck inside, and upside down!

We had a pretty good time, and it will definitely make me more confident in a real rollover that I could get my ass out of the Hummer and continue the fight!


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