What is wrong with American businesses (especially ABRA)?

I just do not understand what is wrong with American businesses these days. Well, maybe I do. I have seen a decline in customer service over the last 5 or so years (essentially since I started having the money to be able to put my money where my mouth is), and I am the kind of a-holethat will tip in relation to how well the service is. I am somewhat of a tip nazi I guess, if you leave my drink empty for a long stretch of time (and god forbid I have to ASK for a refill) you aren’t getting crap. Of course, I am a realist and I understand that sometimes the place is packed and a waitress can just simply get swamped by that one or two tables that are full of jerks, so I try to take all that into account when tipping. Some times there is just no reason other than you suck.

Anyway, what got me on this tirade is auto repair. About a year ago my wife was driving down one of those snowy Colorado roads when some a-hole drove down the middle of the road and refused to move off to one side to allow equal sharing of the road. My wife, being the generally nice person she is veered out of the way to save from having an accident (I told her in hind sight should should have stood her ground and plowed into the bastard). In doing so, she smacked the curb and messed up her front passenger wheel along with the underside of her car. A-hole 1, wife 0. This was of course viewed as her fault (nice eh?), but USAA is a kick ass insurance company and picked up the tab and sent us to one of their preferred repair shops in town: ABRA.

They seemed nice, till it took like 3 weeks to get our car back, wtf? I know guys who can rebuild an engine in a few days, much less repair a car from a minor wreck like this. They told us they were able to machine the parts back to specs and everything was ok (the rim had some pretty ugly gashes in it from striking the curb). I wasn’t really happy with the repair, thinking it should have been replaced, but USAA swore by them (remember they kick ass in customer service) and the repair dude said this is what was needed to fix the car. So we do that. Cost approx three grand.

Fast forward nearly 10 months.

I am at training, the Mazda 3 is nearly the end of it’s warranty time and it is making a weird sound. I am in Fort Riley, so I take it in to the dealer here for it’s check up and an oil change. Come to find out those thieving bastards back in Colorado left all the old parts on the car (this I knew) and that all the parts are bent out of shape (me, did not know) and that it was ruining all the tires put on the car and that it could not be front end aligned because of this. The guy here, never once offered to fix it (he knew of the accident and repair, I am calling him a disinterested third party). So these bastard ABRA auto repair a-holes put parts back on the car that were bent and out of spec, clearly damaged (the guy here knew exactly what happened in the accident from the damage he could see), and ripped my insurance off for almost $3 grand! Now, I have to drive the car all the way back to Colorado to have them fix what should have been fixed in the first place…and I am sure they will claim that too much time has passed or some other bullshit excuse to cover what they clearly fucked up.

Consider them lucky that I cannot carry my M4 and ammo with me…would be one less auto repair shop in Colorado….


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