Still writing

Yep, stayed up far too late, the barracks dark and silent (luckily my wife and kids bought me that iPod for Father’s Day), and wrote a bunch. Managed to end the second ‘chapter’ on a sort of cliffhanger/twist, then got inspired and delved a little deeper into who Tarina is and why she is who she is today. Google Docs tells me I am up to 4400 words and roughly 20 pages. About 1/3~1/2 done with chapter 3, clocking at about 8 pages right now, I am thinking it will continue for about 5 to 10 more pages, so chapter 3 really adds some length and depth to Tarina and her struggle after the attack. My aim is to get 4 to 8 chapters under my belt before I start releasing them at a rate of maybe one a week or one every two weeks, creating a good buffer for me when I get some writer’s block, which will happen.

I am trying to figure out the best way to ‘release’ these, first I thought of dropping them off at FUM in their blog, but I think it might be better to create PDFs and drop each in a section here on the blog (especially if I can figure out how to switch the listing around to oldest first rather than the usual newest first format). Any thoughts on this?


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