Drivers Training and CLS…another week gone by

Well another week gone by, another week less I have to spend in this dump known as Fort Riley. Honestly I do not understand why anyone would want to live here. The two towns outside the base are tiny and have little to offer (omg Hastings is the worse bookstore I have ever been in). Though I will say the Long John Silver’s I went to for lunch yesterday was full of the nicest and funniest guys I have ever met in a restaurant. The LJS guys should give the workers at the Junction City store a bonus, I will definitely be going back there.

We finished up our Combat Life Saver course on Saturday and I have to say the Army has really changed. This war has really changed the way we do things. It really has changed the fundamental way that the Army approaches combat, our tactics, our goals, heck, even the way we think about things. Given that I have been in over 14 years now, I have seen two armies, the old one I remember when I came in: still using Vietnam era equipment, very slowly progressing. And this new one, all new equipment, brand new stuff every year. You should see all the equipment they have in the Hummers now, stuffed to the T with electronic stuff, some of it really amazing. Above is an image of me stuffed into the back of a Hummer during training. I look like an idiot with my helmet crooked to one side and my goggles slipping back to far. But oh well, I am a killer! grrrr.

Our little team is starting to show a little bit of personality and two of us had a pretty good argument. One of us was told to do something, and he did not, so two other of us (myself included) took it upon ourselves to do it. We went through and worked out who was a driver, who was a gunner, who was a TC (tank commander). We took everything into account, who fires a M203 (Grenade launcher), etc. We showed it to a few people for their input, including the Team Chief (read: head dude). Well, someone else in the group doesn’t like that he is a gunner even though logically it makes sense. Well he cornered the other guy and basically yelled at him for doing it behind his back, even though he has sat on his ass and not done what he should have.

“Stay in your lane” but can you when the fireer next you doesn’t even send a round down range?

And in other news….in the DFAC we have like 2 channels and the bastards that be always set it on MSNBC, frankly one of the worse news stations on the planet. Now if you know me, you know I am already pretty conservative, and therefore I like Fox News (so sue me). At least Fox tries to appear to be bipartisan, all weekend MSNBC has been kissing Obama ass all over the place. Every interview (thats allot, remember I am in there for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day) is two Obama supporters. There is never a single person who is anti-Obama and pro McCain, hell someone who was impartial would be a miracle on that station. Every comment is started with ‘McCain’s vicious attack’. It is clear why MSNBC has the shittiest viewer ratings of all the news networks on cable. The anchors, the people they interview, everyone is an anti-McCain Democrat merely selling time on the news for Obama, it is really funny that all the Demos say that Fox is so biased. What the F ever.

In more fun news.
I finished up Chapter 3 last night and started work on Chapter 4 this morning. I have to say I am really enjoying this writing, even if it never sees the light of day. I delved a bit into Tarina’s background in Chapter 3, now if 4 I am introducing some new characters to the story, including the town leader and the town itself. Not sure where this will lead, but I am starting to get a well defined mental image of characters now and a clearer path of where this story could go. My aim was to start releasing these stories when I get around five written and edited, we may be getting close now. Then you all can bash it as much as you want.


2 thoughts on “Drivers Training and CLS…another week gone by

  1. snikle, I’ve only been out about 9 years, and it is amazing how much stuff has changed. Not one thing I used back then is still in use. Everything has been replaced or highly modified. Sad that it takes a war to get the ball rolling.

    Still, looks like you guys are getting good training. And just think, in a few months, you’ll wish you were back at lovely Ft. Riley. Heh.

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