A little late, but here it is

Well another week has gone by, we went to the range, cleaned weapons, and drew our vehicles and crew served  weapons (read: kick ass big guns). The range was fun, I got to shoot the M9 Beretta, the M203 Grenade launcher, and the M4. We drew a M2 (the old “Ma Deuce”) and the 240B, the new kick butt gun. Here I am with an imposing picture of me and my badass weapon. 😉 This was right before I laid waste to the M203 range. We use these silly orange chalk rounds that make a big splash of orange smoke when they land. Not as cool as an HE (high explosive) round, but still fun to fire.

We also got trained on foreign weapons as well. Here is a photo of our LT playing around with the PK rifle, pretty cool weapon, we are firing them on the next range we attend. Should be pretty interesting as none of us have fired any of these weapons before. That same range we will also be firing the crew weapons. Should make for an interesting day with us lighting up all sorts of whoop-arse on the range.

In something completely different, on my way home I had to stop at the Cathdral of the Plains. I had seen the signs many times before and as this is probably one of the last times I wil ever drive past them, I had to stop to see what this thing was. You coudl see the top miles and miles away, so I figured it was a rather large building. I was correct! It was pretty impressive, but I wanted to get home to my family so I only snapped a few outside photos before I drove onward. Luckily I was able to find a website about it:

Pretty neat inside there, maybe some day I will get a chance to stop in and look at it all lttle more throughly. Can you imagine going to church there all the time?? Wow!


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