holy crap, I am a pervert…I guess…

I have been using the nick “snikle” since around 1988 when I played a hafling in a D&D game a friend ran named Snikle “Haginfock” Wiffleberry. He owned a donkey name Lukiton the Unlucky (we kept leaving him at the entrances to dungeons to fend for himself, though he always mysteriously reappeared in the next town we entered). Kudos if you can tell me what Haginfock means. Granted Snikle had a single purpose in life, explore dungeons, find piles of gold, go to town to spend gold, have party, make it with elf and human babes…so yeah I guess it sort of fits, but still…

Anyway, imagine my surprise when I did a  search for snikle in google and found out that my nick has become an urban word for sex?!?! what the heck! Who would have known back in like 1988 when i picked that name what the later implications would be, now everyone will think I am some sort of pervert!



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