the passing of time

Ok, allot has happened in the last few weeks. I have been slow to report here, so here is a very long post.

We have finished up training at Ft Riley, including training with the US Customs and Border Patrol in El Paso, Tx, something that was one of the coolest things I have ever done. We chased some illegals through orchards one evening, was freaking awesome!

After training was done, I had arranged to meet my dad in Wichita. It was interesting and he is a very nice guy, and after not meeting him for 36 years, it was good to finally do so. Here is a photo of he and I at the hotel. We only had a short visit due to time restrictions with my training and he needing to get back to Dallas where he lives. Hopefully when I return from Iraq I will be able to visit with him more and learn more about this part of my life that has been missing.

This last weekend we threw our annual Halloween party, completely overboard this year, way way elaborate. The front yard was decorated, the back and the house as well. We had about 25 people here, including the high demand haunted house I set up in the garage again. Have to remember when we move to get a huge garage so I can make much more elaborate haunted houses for the kids. Left is a pic of our front yard with the decoartions nearly complete. Yes, that is a body under the wife’s car. Despite raina nd cool temperatures, the party went off well and Dakota has told me that it was the talk of her school yesterday, so our mission was a success.

On a completely unrelated note, I have found the car I will buy next. The 2011 Chevy Camero. Why 2011 and not 2010? I figure it will give me time to get back to driving my Murano after driving a Hummer for a year in Iraq, a little time to pay off some more on my Murano and it will be just about the right time when we give Kota the Mazda3 for her first car, so we will need a new car in the family….just got to get the wife to agree now…

Yellow, am I right? It has to be yellow, I mean it must be Bumblebee!


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