Been a bit, so a short recap. We left the US and went to Kuwait. Spent a week there at a camp doing training, pretty good training actually. Did a few mounted combat patrols with role-players and the full meal deal, was really good for us. I have come to realize that my VC (vehicle commander) has no tactical thinking ability. For those not in the military let me explain. During combat, your insticts just sort of take over, I suspect it is similiar to police when the shit hits the fan. You just do what you know to be right correct without really thinking about it. He cannot do this, he must stop and think about everything, and at times is way too cautious. Let me tell you how much it pisses me off when we got a man down on the battlefield, the enemy is firing and I suggest a plan to get him out, my VC says no, then later the guys running the range say that my plan was perfect and what we should have done to save our guy. DAMN IT!

Anyway, we are now in Baghdad training. Spent a few days stuck at Baghdad International Airport (the coalition has a camp there) wait to transport to this base. It is very quiet here, we walk around in ACUs and soft caps,  no fear of mortars or attack, much to the contrary of what the cable news tells us, apparently this place is relatively safe now. We have about 4 more days of training then we should be on to our permanent home here in Iraq.

In other news, damn Obama is going to win. Mark my words, IF his solciazing of health care happens, we will all suffer. The US’s amazing and kick ass health care will fall down. Plus, hope you enjoy higher taxes suckers.  😉


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