Camp Zaytun!

Well, we have finally made it to our final post, though the very next evening there came rumors that we may be moving off this post very soon. However, for the time being it is very nice. I have my own room, with a satellite tv system (paid $60 for it to the previous owner who is leaving) and internet ($50 a month), though the internet is very slow. I am told it is 128kb up or something and somewhere around 10-15 people share that. We will be looking to improve that soon though as I am sure my LTC will not like the slow speed this offers us.

We started our switching over process, should take about a week. So far we have inventoried all the property one day. The other day we went out and visited our Iraq (Kurdish really) counterparts, had a very tasty lunch (their tomato soup is a dead ringer for Italian Minestone…you know how much I love that!!), and today we headed up to the Turkish border to visit a  border crossing fort…and today I got to drive the MRAP, the newest toy in the Army. A mine resistant vehicle that thus far has prevented anyone from being killed by an IED. It is a huge, almost semi-truck looking thing and totally kicks ass. I have pictures of the trip I will have to upload later due to the internet sucking during peak hours. You can see some basic pics and more information here – – and yes Larry if you are reading this, it is made by the turck company International.  😉  The thing truly kicks mongo ass.

We have some ‘terps’ with us and they are pretty cool. Seem really to engage when I ask about the culture and history of the area (wish my book was here!), learned some interesting things today on our trip back from the Turkish border.  We passed a small shrine and I asked about it (funny how the team that we are replacing has passed it numerous times and never asked….got me). Anyway I learned about a new religion, well, an old one actually, check this page out: a very old religion that is almost found no where else on earth. Pretty cool stuff, was in the news last year because of an honor killing of a young girl of this cult….er, I mean religion:’a_Khalil_Aswad

I have a test for you all: try a Combat Shower!  In places where water is limited we take what is called a Combat Shower (we had to live like this at Camp Buehring for over a week….sucks!)  This is how it works: first get in the shower with the water off. Turn it on and get soaked as fast as you can, you only have 30 seconds and then you must turn the water off. Yeah that means don’t wait for it to get hot either, 30 seconds of total water on time. Lather up with your favorite cleaning product. You then have 30 seconds (ok 35 for you hairy people like me) to get all the soap off, and hopefully enjoy a few seconds of hot water.

tada! A Combat Shower! Enjoy!

Hopefully I will get photos up later tonight after the net dies down.


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