I have been infected!?!?!

I have been infected! My wife has Habitual Key Misplacer Syndrome (known as HKM to those in the medical industry), for some reason since I joined this team I have been infected as well. The other day I put the new keys (office, connex, gator, etc) in my assualt pack, which I left in the MRAP last night when we finally got back. Yep, totally forgot about that. So I spent about an hour and a half looking like a tard as I ran around post trying to locate these ‘lost’ keys that were safely stored inside the truck. Not a loss though, as I eventually came to my senses and located them, sure makes me look like a doof though. Thanks for infecting me hunny. 😉

For a change we got most of today off besides some meetings here and there. More secure briefings about the situation here in Iraq, etc. Learned more about the odd supply system we use here in Iraq and how the BiTTs operated within those limits set by those over us. Strange, odd, and maybe even questionable sometimes. Oh well, such is life. Finally figured out my satellite tv thing last night. I get like 4 English speaking channels and get this, two porn channels, jeez louise, my tv will be limited here. Least one of the English channels regularly shows movies, else I could go insane. Going to purchase a small DVD player on one of my trips back to civilization to plug into the tv so I can watch movies on it instead of my laptop. Course, I may be living in a tent soon too, so we will see how that goes.

Oh I wanted to say that when we drove through the small towns yesterday all the little kids come running out of their homes all excited that our massive trucks are roaring down their street. All happy and waving, it is pretty cool to see I must say. Thinking about seeing if I can get a group back there in the States to send some soccer balls or something that we could go to a school and pass out. The previous group managed to visit a school and an orphanage once each, so their track record is not the best, but I loved volunteering at a school in Texas once, so I figure it could be fun. Not to mention it would sort of be like when I was coaching my kids in soccer, freaking loved that.


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