Pics and stuff

I decided to post a few photos to the blog so people can see me looking all badass and stuff.  😉

Here you can see me in an early morning shot on a range in Kuwait, we were getting ready for a run down the Mounted Combat Patrol range where we simulated IEDs, casualty evacuation, sniper attacks, practiced driving the over weight and over large hummers. We had a pretty good time with this range, firing up a ton of real and blank ammunition. We learned allot on this range and got some great pointers from some ex-special forces guys that ran it. Good stuff.



Next up is me and Doc as we were boarding the C-130 that flew us into BIAP (Baghdad International Airport). It was an uneventful flight, though I was pretty nervous to be honest. After watching the news back in the states, you would think this city was under seige, constant mortar fire, IEDs and ambushes around every corner…..wrong. Sure, there are some trouble spots, but it is nothing like it was last year. Just this week they opened a bridge that has been closed for something like three years and apparently it is a really big big deal that it is reopening.



Here is a really bad photo of me at BIAP, look ma! port-o-shits! They and I have had a love/hate relationship since I arrived in country. Real toilets rule!





Speaking of which, we should show you an Iraqi toilet:

Yeah, that’s what I thought too. And, no, I have no attempted to drop a duece in there, too scary to me, what happens if you drop a load and it plops onto your shorts…..ick von poo!

Ten points to anyone who noticed the lack of an important toilet accessory…..the paper! Yep, deserts don’t have trees do they? So where would they get paper pulp for the toilet paper? Yeah, in the Arabic world you do nothing with your left hand…except clean your backside after dropping the kids at the pool. Yeah, try remember to remember that the next time you are at a McDonald’s eatting french fries….


More later when I get a chance…


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