Combat Patch baby!

Yep, today is the day, I officially am allowed to wear a combat patch. Granted I am not wearing the one I wanted (always wanted a 1st Cav Div patch, I am still a Cavalry man at heart),l but hey, the Big Red One has a ton of history behind them, so I am honored to wear this patch for the rest of my career. For more information on this unit I am now forever tied to, see:

Today we spent most of the day with our DBE (Department of Border Enforcement) counterparts, talking shop and gettting to know them a little better. Allot of this culture is spent in non-business functions…i.e. socializing. It is amazing how much time they ‘waste’ one social BS before actually getting down to the nitty gritty of work. I think today Dadyday and I made some really good impressions as we tracked down a problem that has plagued them for over 14 months (!) and were able to almost completely resolve it. With a little more work, we will knock this sucker out and make the maintenance guys a very very happy bunch. 

We have already made more of an impression on these guys than the previous team did, they told us today in hushed whispers that they could already see a difference in how we do business and the last team. Frankly, I think the last team were Fobbits (our term for people who live on base and are afriad to go off the base for fear of getting attacked), and their year didnt amount to crap getting done. We are already on a course that will throw that to the wind and prove to these guys that Americans kick ass and can live up to what we say we will do. 

Rock on USA.


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