Yo ho, yo ho me hearties!

Avast ye scally wags! 

Piracy is alive and well (who knew??), I could live out my dream of being a priate, I mean serious, is there anything cooler than a pirate…well, maybe a starship pilot, vampire hunters, and Batman. But hey, it appreas that piracy is still a REAL profession that one could do for a living. Check this site out and see how frequent piracy attacks really are, and where you should steer your yacht clear of…especially after I commandeer my first ship and take to the seas.  Aaaarrrgggggg!



Holy goats! We could write a country song about this one, they freaking shot and stabbed the skipper’s dog, what a-holes: http://www.icc-ccs.org/index.php?option=com_fabrik&c=form&view=details&Itemid=89&fabrik=21&rowid=123&tableid=17&fabrik_cursor=115&fabrik_total=0


ps- and as further proof that Google is the future doom of mankind, yep that map was made using a Google tool! See how this is all coming around?


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