LOL Obamanation


Well, I hope all of you wanted real change, change back to the Clinton years! Seems as if every person Obama is selecting to sit in his staff or help him pick the people that will ARE Clinton people! I am just amazed at how many people were swayed by this party to vote for someone that is just a mask, a puppet for the same old party that was there eight years ago. I bet the first two to three years will be nothing but a blame game of him and his cronies going around saying it was all Bush’s fault they cannot get anything done, too busy fixing all his mistakes. Yeah whatever.

I for one am eagerly looking forward to being able to laugh when nothing gets done by this awesome administration and absolutely nothing changes except a new guy moves into the White House. It really is sad that we can expect nothing to really matter when we get a new leader….the same old parties claw and grab at each other, the same old fights they have been fighting for decades. Only thing I can see this fool doing is raising taxes on anyone who has a job and actually works. If you are a worthless drag on society, you are probably looking at your free income increasing, your benefits getting better….all for nothing but sitting on your ass. Good job!

Know what makes me really smoking mad? Obama was a IL senator for just under four years, two of which he spent touring around the world promoting himself and campaigning. He got a paycheck for nearly two just going around trying to be  President. Now that we (not I, hell I didn’t vote for him) put your ass in office, you better cough up some good deals for the home state buddy…or else I want his two last year’s salary back for the people of Illinois.


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