Tearing it up

Today we took it a bit slower, though I was busy from sun up until well after sundown. We had the ROK (Republic of Korea) End of Mission ceremony today, the Koreans leave here soon and the US is taking over the base. We were tasked with shuttling some people around from the airport and back. I got to drive the Uparmored NTV (non tactical vehicles), these things are like bullet proof SUVs basicly and they weigh a ton and drive like they mean it, pretty fast too. Not bad to drive a somewhat normal vehicle around instead of the Beast.

Then we went up to the range and shot the heck out of a hillside. I have to say I enjoy firing the big ole .50 cal, that thing can lay some serious lead, especially when we loaded up some AP/HE rounds, mowed the shit down. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so I did not take any photos of me and the team killing stuff.

Been thinking more and more about writting, though to be honest, I am pretty busy here and I am not sure I would get the time I know I need to finish something I write.


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