And now and apology….to my daughter

Ok, so here goes. I have teased Kota numerous times about how Miley Cyrus was a second class singer who is only famous because of her father and not due to any skill she has attatined. I stated many times that I thought the Jonas Brothers would outlast her because they had skill, and were beginning to showcase some maturity while Miley was still floating around in Disney TV land. Kota sent me her latest CD and I put it on my iPod, not really ever planning on listening to it. I listend to it once, and forgot about it, noticing nothing exceptional or interesting. 

Well, this last trip I was on I had some time to sit and do nothing but listen to my iPod (try sleeping in the same room with two people who snore loud enough to strip the walls bare of paint). I have to say I sincerely apologize. While her  latest CD does contain some silly and pointless songs (omg the save the earth song is terrible), it does have a few songs that showcase a young lady coming into her own and branching out and showing she has some musical chops that could make her a very powerful and forceful singer/songwriter. I have read somewhere she co-wrote almost all the songs on this album, and if she helped pen the songs I highlight below, she certainly has a bright future in store for her.

“Fly on the Wall” – My wife first turned me on to this song, certainly a break away from anything she has done in her music with Disney. This song shows some of her varying scope and range, really showing how she can use her voice to help push a song to new heights. My personal fav on the album.

“These Four Walls” –  A real adult love song, nicely worked on a guitar, almost has a country twang to it that adds to the sorrowful atmosphere of the song. Nice variations in the songs tempo and style. Could be a decent hit for her, typical stuff really, but typical of hits you hear on the radio.

“Simple Song” – I first denounced this song as a wanna-be-INXS song (I forget the name now, but it was just like this in form), but on more listening I can hear some real skill in song writing. This is apretty good stuff, and almost has a British pop feel to it.

“Bottom of the Ocean” – Another ballad, pretty typical stuff again, but just like all the songs we hear on the radio these days, decent writing again, and good vocal work make this song a good listen. Almost reminds me of the songs the boy bands have put out in the 90s, good enough to force you to sing along, even if you don’t want to.

“Goodbye” – Another ballad (hmm, seeing a pattern here?). Good stuff and nice guitar work, the tempo switch ups are good and the chorus makes you want to sing along with her.

So there it is, Sorry Kota, I agree, she doesn’t suck.  😉


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