Another trip, and another book annihilated

Went on another trip, cannot tell you where on here. 😉

Suffice to say I had a few hours each night to knock another book out, this time another book I got my hands on free from the CAC (Community Activities Center) on Marez in Mosul. btw, a personal thanks to all those who have donate books to the soldiers here in Iraq, I have personally read 4 or 5 now, at roughly 8 to 10 hours per book, that means I have been able to pass 32 to 50 hours on reading! Wohooo! Been probably three years since I read this much. So a big thanks to all those who donated books for us.

In any case, I read a murder mystery set in restored London after the London Fire, about 1670 called the Parliament House by Edward Marston. This was a quick reead (my favorite) with little bits of historical information spattered here and there, without forcing the history down your throat, and thus admirably able to draw you into the story of Christopher and Susan, how their courting will be effected by the attempt on her father’s life and Christopher’s brother and his life of hedonistic stupidity. 😉

I love historic London, and if I am ever lucky enough to go there, I am sure I will fall in love with the place and have a hard time pulling myself away from it’s amazing twisting and turning streets. So this was an easy place for me to fall into and really dig into the story. Now, I am a sucker for a love story, and this story had one in addition to the murder and the attempt on Susan’s father. The story moved along at a good pace, had a good number of twists and turns, all the villains got their due coming, and in the end Christopher was able to secure a relationship with the one woman for him. So all in all, a decent book, perhaps not the best I have ever read, and nothing life changing here, but still a worthwhile and enduring story. I definitely recommend this book to lovers of a good historical mystery.

Course, this book just made me want to write….


2 thoughts on “Another trip, and another book annihilated

    1. Thank you, we do love to hear people say that! 😉 You are an author, have anything I might have heard of, or could locate to read? I tried your url but wordpress gave me an error.

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