More support from the States

Been on another base recently, doing support, fixing our communications systems (since our commo probably couldn’t get a radio working correctly if his life depended upon it) and while I was at the Armament Shop they had received a box of items from a group called Soldier’s Angels. These guys are getting ready to head home soon, so they were handing out the stuff to those of us stuck here a bit longer. I scored a kick butt coffee mug with their logo on it. Very cool. Anyway, I wanted to say thanks again (I think) to all thsoe groups out there supporting us and sending things to us over here. Sometimes it isn’t much, but that little special something can really brighten your day when you realized you are stuck here for 316 more days and you just worked for 14 hours straight. I don’t drink much coffee, but the two other guys on the team that I managed to secure mugs for sure do, and mine will see lots of action as a ‘hot choc’ cup as the temperature drops here. 

Here is their site if you are interested:

I also managed to score four awesome books that I have been wanting to read. Stopped by the dental clinic to look into getting an appointment and it was closed (bummer!) but they had a book shelf outside their office with donated books (awesome!) . Not sure who these were donated by, but thank you! I will have lots of good stuff to read here for the next few weeks, including Wicked by Gregory Maguire. I know the wife read it, and I have heard it was good. Probably never read it back in the States, so now is my chance!


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