Google, the anti-Christ

I have said this before, so I will say it again. Google’s servers will someday gain intelligence and overthrow the rest of humanity, somewhat like Skynet from the Terminator movies. Proof to my point, they recently announced a new version of Picasa, their photo software. In it there is an ability to scan photos for faces, so you can tag them. I let the software do the leg work for me rather going through and doing it on 1500+ photos. And damn me, if it is not scary how accurate it it. I was able to go through and nearly perfectly select which photos we one of my daughter, some photos with hats, sunglasses, various hairdos, even photos 5 years apart! Considering she is now 13, there is a vast difference in her appearance from 13 and 9! Or my youngest in photos when she was 5 and now 8.  Freaking amazing!

But also damn scary.


On another note, if you can catch the new trailer for Terminator 4, do so. It looks rockin!


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