I found Santa…in Iraq!

So today we ventured into an area of Erbil known as the Christian Sector, essentially a part of town, sort of walled off from the rest where predominantly Christians live. It was really nice, not the usual debris here and there and didn’t have that sort of run down look to the place. While driving about town, not sure why, but we went around the same circle like 5 times, the traffic cop got to thinking it was pretty funny seeing these Americans drive about and about, repeatedly. He had a pretty big grin on his face after the 4th time. Dumb ass Americans. Lost as usual.

Anyway, in front of one shop was SANTA! A big freaking santa waving at people.  A shock for me! I was able to snag a pic on 4th trip around the circle. Not the greatest, but hey, who would have thought Santa was loved in Iraq too!

Later I passed a house with a big blow up snowman somewhat like the others we have in our own yard. There he is, just waving away, not a care in the world. Just waiting for the snow and Santa to arrive and bring joy and to the little ones.

Anyway, I thought it was pretty damn funny to see the snowman in Iraq. I mean really, who would guess that could happen. If only CNN would show scenes like these, most Americans would probably have a far different view of people and country here than they do.


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