Appaloosa, a decent western

I have a secret, well ok, not so secret love of westerns. Clint is my hero I admit freely. No one, I say again, no one compares to him. So anytime Hollywood decides to delve back into the western genre, I am there! I managed to read Appaloosa about a year ago, and was exstatic when I found out a movie was being made based on it.

I recently got ahold of a copy of Appaloosa and finished watching it just moments ago. It was a decently filmed and acted western with clear lines of good and bad, one thing I really like about westerns. There is no doubt in anyone’s eyes that Everret and Virgil are the good guys. Virgil is a bit of a loose cannon at times, but he is steadfast in his core values and beliefs. I think this movie is really about emotions and how they can cause you not to think strat sometimes. Once Virgil falls for Abbie, he is insane, clearly making decisions that are just insane. Abbie is just horrible, probably one of the worst representations of women in movies recently, and is interesting given the sort of PC that Hollywood dances around these days. She really is the cause of most of the bad situations in the film and definitely has a bad influence on Virgil. 

I must agree that the ending was somewhat anti-climatic for me (I have read the book after all, so I knew what would happen), and bells started ringing sequel. All in all though, an entertaining and good western movie. I would rank it up there with Open Range and Seraphim Falls, a few of the other recent good westerns. If you have not seen Seraphim Falls, I highly recommend it, and excellent piece of work and probably Peirce Brosnan’s best work ever.

Be sure to listen for Ed Harris singing a song he wrote during the credits, not to shabby for an old actor!


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