Yeah, it’s Christmas…

…this place sucks.

It has rained all day.  A fat, cold rain that plops on you with a vengeance. Therefore I have been stuck in my room all day. So yippie for me, I had some movies to watch. One of the films Sam has talked allot about was a film called Trade. I think he was really disturbed by this film and that this sort of thing happens, makes me wonder if he knows that the Middle East is one of the hottest markets for human trafficking, they like European and American women here, and some of these rich guys have more than a few in their little harems. Anywho, this is a disturbing film about human trafficking, in this case from Mexico to the United States. I know this goes on, having been on the border and done some training down there, I heard first hand about the agents trying to catch people bringing others across. Plus, on my first trip to Korea a ‘friend’ (I call him that because I knew him from a previous unit, and after this experience, I no longer spoke to him) asked me to go out to a bar with him. This is what is called a “Drinkie Bar”, essentially girls there talk you into buying them watered down drinks while they flirt with you and basically suck all your money and pretend to like you. Anyway, he was in love with some girl who worked there and wanted a friend to ‘show her off to’, I guess he thought she was his girlfriend. Long story short, she was from the Philippines and odds are, she was a victim of human trafficking. I didn’t know all this at the time. Good news though, the Army and the South Korean government have really cracked down on this sort of crap, my second time there, I heard about it much less.

Anyway, so I know this goes on. So back to the movie. The movie had some points that I wanted to scream at the screen “What the F&^#!!!”  When they escape and are so damn easily re-captured; when the are captured by the US Border Patrol and sent back into the kidnapper’s hands and a host of other things. It was an ok film, nothing to write home about really, but it just backs up my reasoning as to why I will never take my family to Mexico, or outside of a Westernized country. I think what really put a downer on the film for me was the way the director tried to force down our throat that violence doesn’t solve anything. I tell you what, a solid 9mm slug to those people’s heads would solve many of the problem. You make the crime to risk compared to the payout, and less people will be risking their necks doing it. People that do this to women and children should hope they never cross my path. I would be hard pressed not to smile as I splattered their heads across the pavement.

Oh, and Merry Christmas!  😉


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