Wow, Asia is insane

Really, omg, I stumbled upon this website today. And after reading through some of the “news”  stories I have to say that I stand firm by my account that all Asians are insane, no seriously, completely insane. Beyond redepmtion insane. 

Words do not describe the horrors on this site:


One thought on “Wow, Asia is insane

  1. Ok now lets not take credit where credit may not be due. I believe i showed you the crazy website. Once in awhile your computer incompetent wife does find interesting things while surfing the net too. I have to say I just really read this blog. Believing to understand you like no other i assumed to find your blog to be redundant but i was wrong. ( yes i admitted being wrong write that down jackson) I was definitely mistaken your adventitious thoughts have been most enlightening. I will look to this again so that the many mysteries of life may become more elucidate from the always entertaining school of jackson.


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