Enter the World of Goo!

I am not a big computer gamer, dispite what everyone thinks. I have enjoyed a few games in my time, but for the most part, I never really get into computer games too much. However, tonight I discovered a little gem and thought I should pass it along to everyone. A small game called World of Goo! This game reminds me allot of an old game called Lemmings in which you had to get a herd of Lemmings abotu a maze, and yes they loved to jump off the cliffs. This game ahs allot of similiarities with Lemmings, but this game is so very addicitive and so smooth in operation that I just love it. I blew through the demo in about two hours, solving all the puzzles pretty quickly and only stumbling over a few of them. Getting the cute little goo balls through their trials and tribulations is just fun as hell. I am hoping (hint hint) that my wife gets me the full game (a mere $20!!!) for my birthday so I can play the rest of the chapters. Big big fun! Learn more about this great game that won a ton of awards this year at the website ( you can also get the demo there):


I could ramble on about this game for a long time and not nearly put it as good as these reviews: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2008/09/29/world-exclusive-world-of-goo-review/


ps- Mom, you will love this game! Download the demo and try it out.


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