Book Review: The Gold Coast

gc1I received this book from my dad, it is his favorite author, and though not my normal sort of book, I decided to tackle it. It is a daunting book, clocking in 754 pages…by my standards, a huge book. I struggled getting past the first 150 or so pages, it takes a bit to get up to full speed, but once going, it was non-stop page-flipping and griping story-telling. The main character, John Sutter, is a witty, if some times insane, middle-aged man living on the Gold Coast, an obscenely rich area on Long Island. He only sort of belongs there, having married into the remnants of a wealthy family that owns a massive, yet empty, mansion. A known mob don moves in the mansion next door, and the novel picks up speed. John Sutter, is an awesome character, I found myself laughing out loud to his silly, witty comments and thoughts about other characters. His thoughts are very insightful, and many times I found myself thinking that I wished I could be that witty. Sometimes his comments are truly insane and place John in uncomfortable situations, such as growling on all fours at the new neighbor’s wife. I won’t give away the ending, but I was a little depressed by the ending, not turning out sort of ‘all Hollywood happy ending’ that I wanted. That said though, I really got into this book, reading 300+ pages each day on the last two days I read the book….I really tore through it and it turned into a real page-turner. All in all, an excellent book, very well written, and the characters are very well drawn and at times hilarious. Though I felt a little let down at the ending, I think this book is a great work, being able to draw you emotionally to the characters and story. Thanks for the book dad!

And, as the nerd I am, I looked up the Gold Coast on the internet:


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