A new day in America

Well, here we are and the term of President Bush has ended. Before I go any further I should add that I do not wish ill upon the new President, in fact, I hope he does well. I hope he really is going to do everything he says he is. I, being an American, only wish the best for my fellow countrymen, I would love to see our country looked upon as the beacon of freedom she IS and that all Americans prosper like never before. Do I think this will happen?


Let me explain. I feel that we have turned a corner in the the history of humanity, not just in the history of America. Today, people today feel they are entitled to things. Stuff. Free stuff usually. This is resoundingly wrong. Sure, being American you are entitled to a few things, such as the holy grail of free speech (hey look ma, I am exercising that right now!), safety, pursuit of happiness. Beyond that however, allot is left up to you.

Let me state that again, Allot is left up to you.

I have had a fairly easy life I think, I have been lucky compared to some of the people I have met in my travels around the world, but I think I am right in saying I had to work to get everything I have in my life. My wife and I have had to ask for help a few times early in our marriage for help from our parents….pretty sure I have repaid all those though. After those young years, we make it an absolute rule never to ask for help again. Would others help me? Sure, I know they would, but that is not the point. I do not NEED to. My wife and I are pretty self-relent and require no help from home, or friends to survive. We have had to get off our ass and get out and work to get the things we want, and the things we want to give our children…which I am ashamed to say are spoiled beyond anything I ever saw in my youth. That said, we have worked to give our kids the things we want. Trips to vacations, trips home to see family, etc. But we worked for it, if we wanted something, we worked, saved and bought it.

Not so with much of America. They want a White Knight to come and save the day…er wait, maybe that is a Black Knight. In any case, people don’t want to have to sacrifice anything, yet they want it all. When the new President made the comment about everyone sacrificing something, I wonder how many actually thought about what he said. Given that they cheered when he stated that, I would say not many. If people stopped relying on the government to solve their problems, and just got off their tucuss, many problems would be fixed. Personal accountability has left many many people’s psyche and today we have become a society of victims. We always looking for someone else to blame our problems on, it is not our fault, someone else made it happen. How many times have you heard parents at a school say it wasn’t their kids fault? Little Johnny couldn’t have done that. Yeah right, wake up and smell the dog poo on the steps.

I often get in discussions with my uncle about government, especially on one particular topic: taxes. I do not have a problem paying any taxes, even thought I would like the government to be a little….no, allot better on how they spend it. I have no problems paying them though, they fund police, fire departments, heck..the Army! and a host of other services we have come to enjoy in America. You see, I don’t mine paying for those, it is the sorry peices of poo that just want free stuff from the government. And what I don’t understand is millions of others are ok with this. How would you feel if someone came in and took a $20 from your wallet, told you that you had to? You would be mad right? Then how are so many of us ok with some person walking in to a hostpial and getting hundres of dollars of free medical care? Does it make a difference if they are chain smokers and being treated for cancer in their lungs?

Anyway, i think allot of Americans need to grow up and start being self reliant, learn to fend for themselves, get a job and start being productive members of society, and stop relying on you and me to foot the bill for them. And as someone told me the other day, if the new President’s plans all come to pass, I hope you all enjoy the Socialist States of America. 

As a side note, I thought about this and I wonder if people realize that when you start relying on someone else to provide your livelihood, you start to lose your freedom. Remember living at home with mom and dad? How many of us would go back to that (or did YOU never leave??)? All those rules! You start relying on the government, they will get very powerful, then you will start to loose your freedom. How many of you will freak out when the government, now providing you all the free health care you could want, tell you that you can no longer drink or smoke, and must succum to monthly drug tests? That cool with you? I hope so.


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