A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity

I finished up another book yesterday, an interesting book from one of my favorite guys, Bill O’Reilly.  A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity is an interesting book where Bill takes us on a journey through his childhood and early adult years, telling us what events happened that caused him to be the person he is today. Sounds boring eh? Not one bit.  Entertaining, full of insteresting insight, and even laugh out loud hilarious, the book is a study looking into the mind of Mr O’Reilly…what really makes him tick. 

Now, to be honest, I like Mr O’Reilly. I think he does an excellent job on holding people accountable for the statements and actions that they take. That is a good thing, and he has done much good work with forcing judges to be held accountable for setting child rapist free on minimal charges, and a host of other things. Sometimes, though, I feel he picks a target and goes a little overboard in his eagerness to prove his point. 

Anyway, the book was a nice quick read, I learned many things about how he thinks, what he thinks of how some people act, how and why he thinks the way he does. All good stuff. I am positive I have a better understanding of who Bill O’Reilly is now. The little stories that float around the book are amazing, often hilarious, and put there to explain a point of view or showcase a certain point he is aiming for. All brilliant. I highly recommend this book.

If you hate Bill, well, go read something else, all you will do is hate this book anyway. That is, if you even take the time to read it.


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