Why I Hate People

I caught a little bit of news today in the DFAC, was a portion of the Larry King show (when he retires it will be a good day for us all). I normally hate Larry King, the most bland, pacifistic and boring interviewer on tv, but since I do not get news here very often I was starved for news. Today he had on Joy Behar, one of those moronic wenches from The View, that liberal and pointless show that reminds me of the days when ladies used to sit around crocheting and gossiping. Painful and hard on the ears. Anyway I just love how she stated that certain people are nothing but negative whenever they speak. Then she went on for the next 15 minutes with negative comments about Cheney, Bush, McCain (she did make one positive comment, saying he was a nice guy), etc etc.

Funny how now that the evil Bush is gone, suddenly liberals are all “give it time, he just started, I trust him, he will be different.” Funny how they couldn’t give Bush one good comment. He was never fast enough, smart enough, open enough, yet now that their hero is in, they will give him nothing but unquestioning praise.

Give me a break.

I expect the same thing from all the Presidents, regardless of their party (which I  think should all be abolished). To protect my country and it’s citizens, not hinder our freedom, not hinder our prosperity, and generally not be a shithead. I do not want free health care. I do not want them to pay for college. I do not want want them in my house or on my land. I don’t want my hard earned money to go to some digbat who sits there on his ass and refuses to help himself. All I want is fairness to all it’s citizens, and I don’t mean by giving them my money. I came from a average family, with one parent, a so-so income in an average city and grew up in a mixed neighborhood, yet somehow I was able to lift myself from there and now I do ok for myself and family. Why can others not do the same….oh yeah, I am a white male, the skies open for me every morning and shine down golden praise upon me….whatever, I will tackle that in another post.

I expect everyone to be as hard on poor ole Obama as they were on Bush, and if they are not, they are stupid little people that will be led to their doom. Failure to question everyone equally is a recipe for disaster. I know they will not be fair, and it will be a frustrating (and probably hilarious) four years as we watch the same old thing go down in D.C. and the army of people who will rise up and say, “Give Obama a chance!”  

Yeah, sure, see you in four years, tell me how good it is then.


Can you tell I am angry? Some people in the Army are so stuuuuuupid. 😉


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