Whoa is me, it’s politics as usual in the US

I have often had thoughts of political aspirations after I leave the Army, I joke with my wife that I will return to her small town and take the mayor, then slowly move up the chain. As much as I would love to do this, the thought of running about the political stratosphere is a scary prospect these days. You must be squeaky clean or have powerful friends (see: Obama). 😛

When I look at the news I am stunned at the insanity present in our politics, how do some people get elected after notorius news of wrong doing and illegal activities abounds everywhere. For example, Geithner getting selected for Treasury Secretary. If you or I cheated on our taxes (oh sure, it was an oversight) we would be slammed, but this guy is in the loop, so his ‘error’ is overlooked. I ever, ever get audited by the IRS, first thing I will do is get a lawyer and sue the government for that retard getting selected for office. 

I really feel we have lost sight of principles in our government and today we are simply looking out for what is in it for us, and not what is truly is best for our country. We bend, or rewrite laws, so they do not offend small percentage of our population (are you really really offended by some religious thing…really? Seriously. Get. A. LIFE.) I read in more than one place that thousands called and complained about Geithner prior to him being confirmed…yet our politicians, OUR elected leaders ignored us and confirmed him. Why? Don’t they serve us? Don’t we decide if they have a job in 2 or 4 years? Why ignore us? 

Oh yeah, we will forget and when they tell us “I will get this for you if you re-elect me!” we simply agree and fall in line, blinded by our silly selfish greed. We are concerned more with what a certain politician can do FOR US, rather than the prosperity for our country. When I think back to the early 1900s, and maybe this is just golden age wishful thinking, but I think most Americans wanted their country to succeed, I don’t think most sat around complaining about silly little things. I also don’t think most Americans sat around considering themselves ____-Americans, most thought of themselves as Americans first, and then their ethnic background as a second. Your country was very important to you, were their people crying about us attacking Japan or Germany during WWII and calling their country aggressive baby killers? I have never found one, especially not one that would show their “face” in the news (yeah, I know, on radio, but anyway). I can track my family to Scotland, England, and Germany. Should I call myself Brit-Scot-German-American (come to think of it, I think I will from now on, just add to the stupid things we do…wait, I wonder if that would classify me as a minority and open doors across the country and scholarships for my children!) 

Again, it goes back to principals and solid belief in our country. We should have politicians who want what the people that elected them want. Do you really want porkbarreling running amock in your country? Sure maybe this year your congressman will use it to get a new multi-million dollar maximum security prison in your town and add 150 jobs, but next year that same money might go to build a museum of gopher mating practices in Oklahoma (they will add a museum there for anything, since there is nothing worthwhile in that state, same for Kansas). So there, your hard earned money was just wasted, that work for you? Got that prison though didn’t you? Let’s be honest, it all would depend on if you worked at the new prison or not, eh?

Hear that flushing sound? That is where your morals and character just went down the shitter.

I just found out my home state (reatarded as they are) just overthrew a law on a moment of silence in schools. Really, is this what we have been reduced to? Is a moment of silence really that dumb of an idea? Do we really need a law for it? And does it need to be a state law???? Maybe the bible bangers down in the southern part of the state (not around Southern though, those freaks are drunken party animals and would not even be awake in time for a moment of silence in the morning), they would like a city ordinance like this, but those atheist city dwellers in Chicago (do we really have to claim it as part of our state??) would prefer to yell satanic verses or do an impromptu rap session instead. Let the local people control that if they must.

I digress back to principles. Where have ours gone? I think inherently we still have them, but we reserve them to private moments and rarely let them define our public behavior. We have become so afriad of offending someone that we are taught through school, social behavior, peers, and parents that we should keep those thoughts to ourselves, lest we offend someone. Why? If you are a pinhead, you are a pinhead and if you behave in a pinhead way, you should be preparred to reap the ridicule…right? Ah, but there it is. Today we are taught that nothing is your fault, your pinhead actions were caused by some injustice done to you in your past, or some disease you cannot control (smoking is my favorite….it is a disease! Yeah right, just freaking force yourself to stand up to your weakass urges and stop). Ever notice nothing is anyones fault anymore. We sue for anything we possibily can. About 2 years ago I got sideswiped by this damn fool when I was home in IL, he clearly was wrong, trying to pass 4 vehicles in a row on a hilly 2 lane country road and broadsided me as he zoomed up on me from behind while I was trying to pull into a driveway. His insurance tried to sue me. Apparently I was supposed to swerve out of this fool’s way to allow him right of way. I should have shot him on the spot and saved everyone the trouble. Actually, the real problem was the state officers do not write a ticket unless there was an actual injury to a person or alcohol were involved. What kind of shit is that? The guy was a danger on the road, but since no one was hurt, no foul! What a load of BS.

Anyway, I have rambled on enough. Perhaps someday I will stand in front of a crowd and say “Vote for me! I promise to ____________ for you!” and you all will be too dumb to question me and will vote for me as I lie my ass off like the rest of them.  😛

Read more of Glenn’s post: http://www.glennbeck.com/content/articles/article/198/20727/


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