Google/NASA omg

Ok, I know I have already posted today, just minutes ago in fact, but holy crap. A while ago I joked about Google eventually becoming something like SkyNet from the Terminator movies, and rising up and destroying mankind. It was a joke, I swear.

Till today when I read this:

Google has teamed with NASA to get working on creating the next generation of computers that are ‘smarter than humans’ and will solve problems like energy, hunger and disease. 

I mean really, do I need to spell it out anymore than that?  Heck, this just sounds too good to be true. Two large entities join together, funded by butt-loads (yes, actual measurement term) of money, work to create the next generation of computer that are SMARTER THAN HUMANS!   What the hell are we thinking??? One small step and those little diods and LEDs become sentient and suddenly want the planet for themselves. 

Oh hell, at least Terminator Salvation looks like it will be good, we will get some decent entertainment as we go marching silently into the abyss….


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