Review: Outlander

Sci-fi/Monster: 4.5/5

outlanderA first rate monster movie with a unique sci-fi twist to it, Outlander serves up a decent story, cool ass vikings (I mean really, could any movie that had vikings in it suck? I think NOT!), a cool and unique monster, decent special effects, and neat little flash backs to sci-fi stuff. Sure, not a movie that will win awards for best script or anything, but certainly a movie that is entertaining and fun to watch. Of course, there are moments where those more realistically minded will roll your eyes, but for God’s sake, it is a movie about an astronaut from a super advanced race (clearly it is stated that Earth was an abandoned “Seed Colony”) and  he fights a glow in the dark monster! 

For the most part though, the story is decent enough to make it interesting, there is the needed love interest, rivals who end up buds, and even some viking on viking diplomacy 😉 If you love vikings, I definitely recommend this film, if you like monsters, I recommend it, and if your brain is still working enough to realize when you are watching something simply for entertainment and not some crappy arthouse flick that no one with a mind likes, then yes, I recommend this film. Worthy for a visit to the movie theater or video store. Oh, and by the way, apparently this is the first time ever in a movie we can hear real old Norse spoken, how’s that for the price of a ticket!

Will enjoy if you like Alien, Aliens, Predator, Terminator and a host of other Sci-Fi classics.


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