Review: Donnie Darko

Film, Drama: 1/5

I am at an utter loss to explain what this film was about, or why anyone would want to watch this film. It is the bizarre tale of a troubled teen who begins to have strange visions that lead him to commit a few crimes, along the way falling in love with a girl. In the end a bunch of bad things happen and he ends up realizing that he can turn back time and stop all the bad things from happening…only if he sacrifices himself. Sounds like a good movie eh? A sort of moral play with some time-travel weirdness going on?

Yeah, well it ain’t. Just plain sucks. You never get attached to any of the characters, never care about any of them (**spoiler** well sort of the girlfriend when she suddenly is murdered in a shocking way), and are put off by the bizarre dreams. In the end you get a jumble of weird dreams, a few crimes, a little of a love story, and essentially a ‘hero’ who sacrifices his insane self to save others from bad times. Oh and a weird plasma snake that comes out of people’s chest and twisted delusions with an evil bunny.

Yeah, no shit. Waste of two hours of my life. I hope the people that made this movie never make another one.


2 thoughts on “Review: Donnie Darko

  1. you are so f_in stupid. He doesnt realize he can turn back time?
    You missing the whole point of them movie.
    yeah youre right that5 if he dies then Grethchen doesnt. This a goddam great movie. really your just too stupid to get it.
    sorry if its not a movie where everything is handed to you on a plate. you have to think a little. is that too much? no way you should be trashing this movie just cause youre too stupidto comprehend it. The bunny is the guy who hit the girl with the car. just talking to donnie. hes in a bunny suit cause that was what he was in when he hit her. cause it was halloween. and the plasma snake? listen to the goddam dialogue. it is a path he can see where that is where is is destined to go. fate. because he followed it he found the gun and killed Frank.
    and just cause he dies doesnt mean everything else is great. I guess the child porn guy wasnt a bad thing him being discovered wasnt a bad thing?
    youtrashing this movie actually made me go and sign up on this website just so i cant tell you how much you are an idiot in now seeing the greatness inthis movie.

  2. I love when people get all heated about a movie or book, stating that it is the greatest and you are stupid for not liking it. The world is full of such silly little people.
    Anyway, I approved your comment simply because you posted it with numerous grammatical errors and spelling, proving that you, my friend, are an idiot.

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