Review: Fight Club

Internet was down for a week, so guess what? I read a couple of books. Sometimes I love when technology fails us.

fightclub1I found this book in the community bathroom. Seriously. I have enjoyed the movie many times and knew there was a book, but figured that maybe the book would be no good after seeing the movie. It was a pretty good read overall, not as good as the movie, but then I am a huge fan of David Fincher, the director of the film, so I may be biased a bit. I really thing that the book was made better by the change in media, Fincher is an expert in in this bizarre world.

If you are not familiar with the movie, it is an odd trip of a book, with a strange twist that that is slowly revealed to the narrator (probably much later than the reader of the book watcher would figure out) in a downward spiraling disaster of self (and world) destruction. At times you may find yourself feeling sorry for the narrator, then you will quickly be pulled back to reality and realize that this guy is totally insane, on the edge and capable of terrible things. The main thing between the movie and the book seems to be that the movie really pulls me, making me feel like I am part of the twisted, insane spiral that the narrator is caught in, the book, while it worked, I do not feel it did as good of a job as the movie.


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