Review: The Day the Earth Stood Still

Movie, Sci-fi: 1/5

earthBlah. Why must Hollywood find reasons to remake movies? If they feel compeled to do so, at least find a good script, maybe some decent actors, and what the heck, try something new. TDTESS suffers from just about every cliche that Hollywood has thrown at us over the last two decades. Oh look, aliens attack New York (again), humans are bad/aliens are good, humans are just about violence, aliens are sooooo advanced that they are better than us, the military can only destroy, there must be an annoying little twerp of a kid in the movie so younger viewers will conect with the story, scientsts are always hot (well, only the women ones, and not that I am complaining, just saying), we can only win by killing everything…..pretty sure I have seen this movie before somewhere else.

Wow, wasted almost two hours of my life with this one. It was about as good as any Sci-fi chanel movie I have recently seen (i.e. it sucks). Special effects were good, Keanu and Jennifer were decent if not amazing, the kid was annoying, GORT seemed off or something he just looked fake to me, and stupid, he served no point in the film, BUT he can turn into nanobots! Cool! Not. All in all, a waste of time.

ps – I almost forgot to mention the most annoying part of the film. The entire idea of the film is that we humans are destroying Earth and the only way to save the planet is to have some peace loving, environ-freak aliens come and kill us off. Humans are violent and cruel, so we must be destroyed….oh yeah, haven’t I heard this all before? Did Al Gore write the screen play??


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