Review: The Frost Fair

Book Review: 4/5

frostfairContinuing the story of Christopher Redmayne (this is actually the book that comes prior to the Parliment House I read earlier this year), this book delves into some family dynamics as we are introduced to his pleasure seeking brother who is accused of murdering a fencing master. London politics are slightly explored with discussions on the right of the King, the role and rights of forgieners, however Marston masterfully slips small details into the story without making them feel preachy or overbearing. Instead he is able to weave comments on politics, social castes, and historical details without drowning the story in details that so often drag and slow a story. The continuing saga of Christohper’s love for Susan is interesting as we learn the nuances of love and courtship in the late 1600’s. 

All told I found this book to be an easy read, something that many historical dramas cannot claim, enjoyable and engaging.  Edward Marston manages to make a historical dramatic mystery that is a wonder to read, and makes you want to continue to the next book wondering if Christopher will ever manage to prove himself to Susan’s family and spend a happy life with her as his wife.

I highly recommend this entire series, having read the first two books available in America (the first three in the series are not yet available in the US) I can say this is one of the most enjoyable series I have read.


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