I’m Back!

Back home in the US visited for the two weeks the Army calles R&R. Enjoying the real life that so many Americans enjoy but do not appreciate. It has been great seeing my family again and being home on my yougest daughter’s birthday. 

One thing is bugging me though. I have been watching the news lately and I am very troubled by the insanity that is going on in our nation. I am shocked and stunned that the Obama administration is falling to the pushes of liberals and continuing on this witch hunt to bring down the CIA, the Defense Department, and the average soldier (like me). Releasing these intelligence memos and now possibily releasing more photos on US soldiers ‘abusing’ prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is unneeded and simply dangerous actions. Given his recent stupidity in dealing with world ‘leaders’ in the past few weeks, if we continue down this path it will only lead to problems in our future.


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